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The Cities

Milwaukee 2019

Bay View High School

On the third stop of the 2019 Team8 Tour, The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and UnitedHealthcare's "Do Good. Live Well." employee volunteer initiative continued the Tour with a two-day stop at Bay View High School in Milwaukee, July 24-25. UnitedHealthcare volunteers turned an unused classroom into a new movement and fitness space, made updates to the existing weigh room, and built out a cafe for their culinary arts program. Student athletes and coaches participated in a fitness clinic and shared in a healthy meal with volunteers. 

Pittsburgh 2019

McKeesport High School & Founders Hall Middle School

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and UnitedHealthcare's "Do Good. Live Well." employee volunteer initiative continued the fourth annual Team8 Tour with a two-day stop at McKeesport High School and Founders Hall Middle School in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of McKeesport, on June 26 & 27. The stop focused on supporting the schools in their efforts to be a safe have for their students, 100 percent of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch. More than 70 UnitedHealthcare volunteers helped build a fitness space and weight room and McKeesport High School and landscaped the courtyards at Founders Hall Middle School, as well as hosted a fitness clinic with nationally renowned trainer Chris Welsh. 

Baltimore 2019

Benjamin Franklin High School

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and UnitedHealthcare began the 2019 Team8 Tour with a two-day stop at Benjamin Franklin High School in the Baltimore neighborhood of Brooklyn Park on May 1 and 2. Our volunteers built out the school's fitness spaces, enhanced coaches offices and organized the school's on-site community food pantry. Through these projects, we aim to support this school in their efforts to be a safe haven for their students, faculty and the community. 

Tampa + Immokalee 2018

C. Leon King High School

With health and fitness resources lacking in the community, students in Tampa, FL look to King High School for more than just academics. To improve the culinary arts program and provide more access to nutritious foods, Team8 Tour volunteers refurbished the school's café and transformed an unused closet in to a brand-new food pantry. Volunteers also renovated a weight room and helped organize and wrap holiday gifts at Immokalee's Guadalupe Center. Together, the efforts of the Team8 Tour in Tampa and Immokalee help families in these communities to lead healthier lives now and into the future. 

Minneapolis + St. Paul 2018

Patrick Henry High School + Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities

Located in north Minneapolis, Patrick Henry High School aims to serve its students beyond academics and uplift the community as a whole. For Stop 5, volunteers renovated the school’s multipurpose space and PE weight room, created a new staff work room, and improved the school’s community garden. At Northside Boxing Club — a nearby boxing gym that acts as a safe space for neighborhood youth — volunteers also provided upgrades, transforming the unused second floor into a strength and conditioning space, while also improving their first-floor facilities.  


During a second stop in nearby St. Paul, the Team8 Tour visited Mt. Airy Club with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities. By expanding the nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness resources here, the Team8 Tour helps youth across the Twin Cities to lead healthier lives.

Milwaukee 2018

Washington High School of Information Technology

On the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Washington High School of Information Technology strives to be a safe haven for students and a resource for the community. The Team8 Tour aided in the pursuit of this mission for Stop 4, creating  fitness spaces and bringing new support to health programs to help students embrace healthy lifestyles now and into the future. 

Hartford 2018

Hartford Public High School

Among the oldest high schools in the United States, Hartford Public High School was in desperate need of improvements that would encourage students to engage in a healthy lifestyle. The Team8 Tour brought resources here for Stop 3 to ensure students have the knowledge, space, and inspiration to improve their health and wellbeing for years to come. 

Chicago 2018

Austin College and Career Academy

With rising crime rates, Chicago youth are in desperate need of safe havens, resources, and education for living a healthy lifestyle. That's why the Team8 Tour returned to the city for Stop 2 of the 2018 tour, renovating school facilities and boosting health and fitness opportunities for students of Austin College and Career Academy. 

Los Angeles 2018

Samuel L. Gompers Middle School

In the underserved area of Watts in Los Angeles, Gompers Middle School strives to provide a safe haven for students to live healthy lifestyles. The 2018 Team8 Tour began here with volunteers painting buildings, upgrading the school's fitness room and renovating the dance studio. These new resources came to life as volunteers prepared a healthy meal for students while a physical trainer and choreographer led clinics for coaches and students, inspiring them to continue making healthy choices in the spirit of the Team8 Tour. 

Dallas 2017

L. G. Pinkston High School

For nearly a quarter of students at L. G. Pinkston High School, poverty and homelessness compound the normal challenges of growing up. That's why the Team8 Tour made its eighth and final stop here, renovating the weight room and outdoor sports areas as well as outfitting new lockers and an athletic office. While transforming athletic facilities, Team8 Tour volunteers also help to transform student opportunities as they grow in this community and beyond. 

Indianapolis 2017

Indiana School for the Deaf

The Indiana School for the Deaf is a fully-accredited school for nearly 350 Deaf and hard-of-hearing pre-k through 12th grade students. With many of the students living on campus — and almost all qualifying for free and reduced meals — kids were in need of more fitness opportunities and healthy food options. To help fill that need, the Team8 Tour furnished a new fitness space for the school, updated their existing weight room, remodeled the dorm kitchen, and built out a new food pantry stocked with nutritious food. 

New York City + Jersey City 2017

Bronx Academy of Letters + Jackie Robinson RBI

Once deemed “New York City’s worst,” schools in the South Bronx fight hard for everything they receive. 


This September, Team8 Tour volunteers worked on a variety of projects throughout the Bronx Academy of Letters: creating a new fitness space, updating the community garden and painting the school’s atrium. By renovating several spaces, helping kids to become physically active and providing healthy eating tips, the Team8 Tour is cementing its legacy as the inspiration to help children make healthy choices.

Greensboro + High Point 2017

Andrews High School + Smith High School

In an area where students find school to be a source of stability and support in their lives, on-campus health and fitness opportunities are especially important.


In July, the Team8 Tour visited North Carolina for Stops 3 and 4, bringing together dedicated community members to create positive opportunities for local children. Volunteers completed much-needed renovations to  the outdoors spaces and fitness facilities at two high schools—where students now have the skills and support they need to join in building healthy communities. 

Immokalee 2017

Immokalee High School

Food insecurity and family care-taking responsibilities prevent many Immokalee teens from focusing on their education and fitness opportunities. 


On the second stop of the 2017 tour, Team8 Tour volunteers built a weight room for female students and stocked a school pantry with healthy fare and athletic clothing to reinforce the importance of making healthy choices and staying active. Together with a high-energy fitness clinic, the new resources established at Immokalee High School will help local students—and their families—get the support they need to thrive.

Baltimore 2017

Frederick Douglass High School

Students in Baltimore face a severe lack of programs and facilities to help them build healthy eating and fitness habits. 


For the inaugural stop of the 2017 Team8 Tour, more than 100 volunteers expanded the school’s fitness facilities, built out the FDHS garden, and repaired several of the school’s most overlooked spaces. The implementation of new sports and after-school meal programs ensure health and wellness opportunities endure for FDHS students and the wider community. 

Denver 2016

Northfield High School

While Denver may be known as one of the healthiest places to live in America, almost a quarter of the city’s children are living below the poverty line.


For the final stop of the 2016 Team8 Tour, volunteers built and stocked a new food pantry in order to send at-risk students home with healthy meals. The tour also hosted a special football clinic with NFL guests, driving home its mission to teach life lessons and encourage healthy choices through community activities.  

Los Angeles 2016

Dorsey High School

Many Los Angeles students live in a unique dichotomy—surrounded by some of the nation’s most successful athletes while their own families struggle below the poverty line.


For Stop #7 of the 2016 tour, volunteers joined the Los Angeles Dodgers for a Nutrition and Fitness Day at Dorsey High School. An afternoon baseball clinic followed the garden makeover and community lunch, all of which encouraged youth to build healthy communities through sports leadership and positive choices.

New York + Jersey City 2016

St. Anthony High School

For many students living in distressed areas of Metropolitan New York, sports offer a pathway to personal growth, higher education, and other opportunities for success.


For Stop #5 at St. Anthony High School, volunteers renovated an outdated weight room, helped install a garden, and bonded with students over a pick-up basketball game. These youth development programs—implemented in both New York and Jersey City through the Team8 Tour—equip students to be leaders in their community by using sports as a tool for positive change.

Chicago 2016

Tarkington School of Excellence

Many children in Chicago lack the resources to build healthy lifestyle habits and a safe place to play with their peers.


At Tarkington School of Excellence, Team8 Tour volunteers helped rebuild the school’s outdoor vegetable garden and joined a soccer clinic led by pro soccer star Monica Gonzalez and players from the Chicago Red Stars. From education to healthy eating to physical fitness, Stop #4 of the tour ensured local youth have the tools they need to be catalysts for positive change in their community. 

Charlotte + Raleigh 2016

Boys & Girls Club of Cabarrus County

There are more than 340 food deserts across 80 counties in North Carolina—which means the health and nutrition of local kids is profoundly affected by their limited access to healthy food. 


The Boys and Girls Club of Cabarrus County was the second stop on the Team8 Tour—a day full of volunteerism, fresh fruit, outdoor activities, and community support. Through a garden renovation in Charlotte and expanded sports programming in Raleigh, volunteers introduced long-lasting healthy lifestyle opportunities to these North Carolina communities.

Houston 2016

SpringSpirit Youth Sports Complex

While athletics may positively influence children’s lives, many Houston kids face social and economic challenges that limit their participation and overall wellbeing.


That’s why the 2016 Team8 Tour kicked off with a three-day stint at Houston’s SpringSpirit Youth Sports and Education Complex. Volunteers built a basketball court, constructed a walking path, and revived the community garden. Plus, a pick-up game, equipment donation, and leadership workshop all helped to create the culture of “competition with character” that the Team8 Tour strives to instill.

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